Supporting And Developing Course For AI Talents

Our Dedication

The Expert System (AI) Change is here. Artificial intelligence has actually relocated into the requirement, driven by progress in dispersed computing, huge details, open-source programs, and also enhanced estimations. Substitute intelligence developments are on a really basic level adjusting the fashion in which we function, live, and also manage businesses.Computer-based knowledge is a technology to imitate human cognitive abilities by "learning' through viewed examples and also drawing on past experiences.

Substitute intelligence developments would certainly now have the ability to identify things, get discussion, decipher languages, perceive faces and also damage down estimates. This thoroughly increases the extent of endeavors that devices can fulfill as well as deliver, and they may, over time, change a couple of occupations that are helmed by human beings.

This innovation might still be in its very early phases for SEA, the need for AI talent is currently high.

Our Approach

We in Skymind aim to anchor skills in AI to develop social as well as financial effects, grow the regional human more info resource swimming pool as well as construct an AI ecological community. This program wishes to combine all AI start-ups and also firms establishing AI items to embrace use-inspired study, increase understanding, create the tools, as well as establish skills to encourage AI efforts.

Our Goal

The ultimate objective of Skymind's Development program is to speed up AI adoption and knowledge in Malaysia with these goal:


1. Accelerate and grow the AI ability swimming pool in Malaysia, and also bring AI to everybody.

2. Accelerate the fostering of AI by Malaysia-based firms, organizations, and firms.

3. Give inclusive and also sustainable skill development campaigns in AI by constructing our future skill pipe, cultivate industry-ready graduates whilst upskilling as well as reskilling the present workforce.

Our Focus

To guarantee Skymind has the ability to supply comprehensive and sustainable Ability Growth, we concentrate on 3 tracks:

Nurturing Talent Pipeline

Laying the foundation to open AI's value by preparing our talent pipelines for future of work

Reinforce Ability Employability

Support and release industry-ready tertiary abilities via our accreditation programs as well as educational program combination in IHLs through tech & non-tech courses

Grooming the Talented

Upskill & reskill our fresh graduates and also existing workforce via our accreditations program that will certainly aid increase skill readiness to develop even more AI experts